We can fix this.

The complex and emotional situations created by undue influence can quickly become a web that can seem impossible to untangle. Few people would even know how to start the conversation, never mind how to see that conversation through to a solution.

The good news is that I have handled hundreds of undue influence cases and am well versed in the underlying dynamics of such relationships. Though your experience feels singular, I promise you that it follows some very standard patterns; and we can use that to our advantage.

I’m at your side, every step of the way.

I work closely with families at every stage of the process, from initial evaluation to resolution. My unique approach, developed over years of working with families all over the world, combines a proven methodology with a very flexible application that allows me to customize the strategy to the nuances of each situation.

Getting Started

Whether you’re in need of full crisis management or just reacting to some initial warning signs, our first step is a full assessment of your situation. Because I know the questions to ask and can recognize patterns associated with undue influence, it won’t take me long to construct a working picture of the circumstances and dynamics we’re dealing with.

Developing a Strategy

Once we have defined the situation, I put together an initial strategy to provide guidance about how to best approach the situation. I supply detailed step-by-step suggestions, options for how to move forward, and educational insight into the nature of undue influence and the relevant tenets of social psychology.

Working the Plan

Once we’ve put things in motion, I provide ongoing consulting, case management, emotional support, communications strategy and logistical coordination including 24/7 availability for time sensitive issues.

My unique approach offers a solution that is:


There isn’t much I haven’t seen. For the better part of two decades, my work has focused on one-on-one undue influence cases. This specialization has given me particular expertise and the ability to develop a reliable approach specifically designed to address these problems. I know the patterns of coercive behavior so well that I can anticipate how the relationship dynamic will likely shift under certain circumstances. This foresight enables me to guide families effectively and efficiently as we move through the situation toward resolution.


In cases like these, you must look at the whole picture and be able to accurately play out any strategy to its ultimate conclusion. The families I work with are not looking for a temporary fix; they want their family to be whole now and forever. My approach considers all the elements of the situation to ensure that the solution works in the long term. In addition, I have the flexibility to bring a wide variety of resources and creative tactics to bear on any situation.


While these situations follow certain patterns, each family is unique. My approach allows me to tailor my services to the specific situation, adjusting my level of involvement from purely consultative to hands on as needed. My established clients have access to me 24/7 for time-sensitive issues. As a team leader I provide clear recommendations and multiple options to address each step so that families have choices about how they want to move forward.


The families I help live all over the world, so it’s important to them and to me that I am able to travel anywhere across the globe to provide in-person consulting and coaching. My own journey took me from the UK, where I grew up, to the Boston area, where I now base my practice. From here, I begin all of my client engagements over the phone, and then – as needed and/or preferred – I arrange onsite meetings. The primary benefit of coordinating in-person sessions is an accelerated process. While a lot can be accomplished via ongoing phone conferences, meeting with the family group in person allows us to move much more quickly. In many cases, it can take as few as two or three working days to assess our options, formulate a detailed plan, engage/train key players, and put our plan into action. In addition, I often travel to debrief a family and provide support and guidance on the development of a recovery plan for the loved one emerging from an undue influence situation.

Working through these difficult situations is not easy, but it’s much less stressful when you have the strategic and emotional support of someone who is familiar with the territory. As someone who has personal experience with undue influence and has helped many families like yours overcome similar crises, I have deep empathy for the suffering and grief caused by these estrangements and unhealthy relationships. I also have a pointed appreciation for the delicate and highly confidential nature of various circumstances, ensuring the utmost privacy for clients.

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