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It’s incredibly painful when family relationships break down. The grief of estrangement can create intense emotional trauma for everyone involved. Such situations become even more complex and difficult to address when they involve someone – a romantic partner, a close associate, or an advisor – exerting undue influence to control a loved one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

I have spent the better part of two decades helping families navigate these kinds of crises, which aren’t as uncommon as you might think. Working with families all over the world, both remotely and on-site, I have developed a unique and flexible methodology that helps families unravel and resolve these issues, creating new opportunities to reconnect and rebuild their relationships.

Compassionate. Capable. Committed.

Not many people are cut out for this work. It requires a very specialized skill set and a very particular temperament. To find the most effective solutions for my clients, I have to be part strategic advisor, part tactical operative, and part personal coach. More than one client has described me as part Mary Poppins part Olivia Pope — simultaneously providing unflappable, 24/7 emotional support to the family and efficiently dealing with the problem at hand. I believe that this is the work I was meant to do — helping families assess and work through difficult situations so that they can find a way forward.

All the Expertise and Support You Need

My years helping others combined with my personal experience of family estrangements and the effects of undue influence make it easy for me to predict how a situation will develop with considerable accuracy. My job: quickly identify the problem, anticipate how the situation will unfold, design a working strategy that is based on my experience but also tailored to the specific situation, and then see that plan through. I provide families with a single source for information, guidance, coordination, and support via a concierge-style service that makes me available to them 24/7, anywhere in the world.

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Assessing Your Situation: A No-panic Primer on Warning Signs

No family is perfect. We all have our share of challenging times and problematic familial relationships. But there’s a distinct difference between situations in which typical tensions and stresses cause a deterioration of interfamily communications and situations in which undue influence is actively changing your loved one’s personality, behavior, and — ultimately — life direction. Identifying undue influence as a driver of a situation is the first step in being able to proactively address it.

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The best thing you can do is pick up the phone.

You have lots of questions. I know. No one expects to be in this kind of situation. It’s scary and confusing, and leaves most families at a complete loss for what to do next. You may be feeling like this is somehow your fault or your loved one’s fault, but it isn’t. You may be feeling like there’s no way to fix this, but there is. I’ve dealt with hundreds of these cases, and I know how they go. We can get you through this, together.

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